We are evolving. Of this there is no doubt. It is the nature of the observable universe to evolve into evermore conscious self aware states. The abundance of evidence supporting this theory is immense and there have been those form all the disciplines and all cultures who have written extensively on this subject. Consciousness is currently moving toward integration, vastness, and interconnection.  As it grows mental barriers are being hurdled in all directions. We are collectively diminishing that which separates us as our imagination expands and washes away divisions in time and space.  Socially we are reaching beyond barriers of race, class, religion, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality.  As our minds extend and become less material these distinctions lose their separating influence and become simply marks of uniqueness.  Existentially we are crossing the lines between life and death as more of us have experiences of ‘visiting’ the latter then returning to the former, or ‘speaking’ with those who have gone, or recalling our previous incarnations.  We are no longer bound to change through the tedious physical acquiring of traits to be passed on through the meeting of the egg and the sperm.  Rather we are able to press out the edges of our thoughts, activate them through communications, give birth to new paradigms which seed the collective mind field and thus become available to others for the taking.

We have reached a stage in evolution which necessitates individual participation through the conscious choice to grow and evolve.  This is the new frontier in which we must engage in order to unite humanity so that we can successfully pass through the barriers to our future i.e., environmental ruin and/or nuclear destruction. If we are to overcome the forces which could destroy us which include all tendencies to separation such as bigotry, prejudice, nationalism, fear, then it is necessary to explore and promote all avenues which lead toward unity.  This begins with each individual honestly and courageously facing the seeds of these collective divisions inside oneself.  Nothing can prepare us more fully for a harmonious future than the activity of unraveling the emotional and ideological patterns which make up our own psyches.  This is radical activity in the truest sense: Of or from the roots; going to the center, foundation or source of something.  When we fully unwind that within us which causes internal separation from ourselves, then the full beauty and vastness of the undivided self can manifest and produce a collective harmony which is true.

~Jaime Campbell

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