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         Auburn            Placer County, CA
October 13-15, 2023

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Who comes to Naka-Ima?


to be fully alive, to be joyous, to be free. You intend to be aware, perceptive, intuitive, clear, empty. You are courageous in your efforts to discover who you are beyond the apparent, aware of the possibilities which lay dormant within you. You recognize that being honest is the surest path to your own wholeness. It excites you to embark on this journey. You envision balancing creative individuality with group harmony; social consciousness with spiritual growth. You recognize the link between personal transformation and planetary evolution.


to perceive the ways you’ve been limiting yourself. You learn to recognize the attachments you’ve created which undermine your vision, your reality, your life. You develop the facility to let go of ideas and emotions which separate you from yourself and others. You face where you’ve been stuck, where you’ve been reluctant or unable to change. With this awareness you make choices and take actions that are aligned with your purest intentions.


you establish a way of relating with others that encourages a mutual unfolding of your essential selves. You open to the possibility of love which is contained in a vessel of honesty and clarity; to truth which is tempered with an energy of caring and awareness toward others that is filled with delight in giving. You remember who you are without the protection that you began building so many years ago.